PC,Desk,benchmarkfishing.com,Moder,Home,Laptop,139円,Desk,/chore1952651.html,Desk,Computer,Office,Wooden,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Merax PC,Desk,benchmarkfishing.com,Moder,Home,Laptop,139円,Desk,/chore1952651.html,Desk,Computer,Office,Wooden,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Merax Merax Home Office Desk Computer Wooden Moder 国内正規総代理店アイテム PC Laptop 139円 Merax Home Office Desk Computer Desk Wooden PC Laptop Desk Moder Home Kitchen Furniture Merax Home Office Desk Computer Wooden Moder 国内正規総代理店アイテム PC Laptop 139円 Merax Home Office Desk Computer Desk Wooden PC Laptop Desk Moder Home Kitchen Furniture

レビューを書けば送料当店負担 Merax Home Office Desk Computer Wooden Moder 国内正規総代理店アイテム PC Laptop

Merax Home Office Desk Computer Desk Wooden PC Laptop Desk Moder


Merax Home Office Desk Computer Desk Wooden PC Laptop Desk Moder

Product Description


About Merax Computer Desk for Home Study/Work

Transform any room in your home to a workspace with the Merax Multi-functions Computer Desk. This Computer Desk features a storage hutch, Pull-Out Keyboard Tray and several bookshelves. Also it equipped with a drawer and a a place which can accommodate a CPU .


Spacious Tabletop for Multi-task.

The spacious tabletop provides enough space for a computer or laptop. Made of strong particleboard, this computer desk is strong and long-lasting, which is an ideal addition of furniture for home and office.


  • Desk top Material: MDF (More sturdy than Particle Board)
  • 2 built bookshelves on top
  • 1 storage drawer 1 keyboard tray 1 removable and adjustable shelf
  • Overall dimensions: 43.3"W X 21.7"D X 37.4"H
  • Overall Product Weight: 80lbs
  • Available Color: White, Black
  • Package includes: 1 x computer desk, necessary hardware

Merax Home Office Desk Computer Desk Wooden PC Laptop Desk Moder

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