Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp 通販 elẹctric Cá Pōckẹt Pụssy Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp 通販 elẹctric Cá Pōckẹt Pụssy 33円 Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp elẹctric Pōckẹt Pụssy Cá Health Household Wellness Relaxation 33円,benchmarkfishing.com,Mạle,Pụssy,Pōckẹt,Mạstụrbạtiōn,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,elẹctric,/descriptive1568817.html,Cá,Cụp 33円,benchmarkfishing.com,Mạle,Pụssy,Pōckẹt,Mạstụrbạtiōn,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,elẹctric,/descriptive1568817.html,Cá,Cụp 33円 Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp elẹctric Pōckẹt Pụssy Cá Health Household Wellness Relaxation

Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp 通販 elẹctric Cá メーカー再生品 Pōckẹt Pụssy

Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp elẹctric Pōckẹt Pụssy Cá


Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp elẹctric Pōckẹt Pụssy Cá

Product description


1.Strong suction cup can be tightly attached to the smooth surface of most articles, easy-to-adjust the angle through a 135 degree suction cup allows you to have a hands-free, amazing experience. Perfect size is based on ergonomics.

2.Made of ultra soft and body-safe Medical silica gel material, with super real inner structure. Cover with ABS plastic shell and combined with suction cup function.

3.Realistic touch ,life-like ribbed inner texture, every time it feels like a first experience. Creates intense and pleasurable.

4.For better experience,we suggest you lube it up first,and water-based lubricant only.

Product description

Material: ABS amp; Medical silica gel

Charging time: about 1 hour

Working time: about 2 hours



length of flesh: 25cm;

insertable length 14cm;

Weight: 600g

Color: White

Mạle Mạstụrbạtiōn Cụp elẹctric Pōckẹt Pụssy Cá

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