Spa,Table,,for,Tattoo,Massage,CIUTANG,199円,Facial,Bed,Sal,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Chair,/guerdonless1568847.html,Beauty 199円 CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage Bed for Beauty Spa Sal Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage 使い勝手の良い for Beauty Bed Sal Spa Spa,Table,,for,Tattoo,Massage,CIUTANG,199円,Facial,Bed,Sal,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Chair,/guerdonless1568847.html,Beauty 199円 CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage Bed for Beauty Spa Sal Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage 使い勝手の良い for Beauty Bed Sal Spa

CIUTANG 出色 Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage 使い勝手の良い for Beauty Bed Sal Spa

CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage Bed for Beauty Spa Sal


CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage Bed for Beauty Spa Sal

Product Description

CIUTANG Adjustable Facial Massage Table

More Handy and Concise Multifunctional Massage Facial Bed with Swivel Stool

  • Classic Equipment - Classic solution to any massage therapist or facial technician's equipment needs.
  • Wide Range of Application - Perfect for beauty salon,skincare clinics,spa,dentist,hair salon,physical therapy, also for home or private beauty use.
  • Easy to Adjust and Install - Please follow the installation instructions to install this massage table, which is quick and easy.
removable head pillow

Removable Headrest

The massage table is suitable for many beauty projects, lying on the back or prone , just remove the headrest can make the bed completely flat and comfortable.

removable head pillow

movable armrests

Non-slip feet pads

heavy-duty steel frame and double-rack

Product Specification

Material Steel Frame/PU Leather/High-density Foam
Color Black/White(B097B9C5KD)
Bearing Weight 500lb
Overall Dimensions 71"x26"x23"
Stool Dimensions 13"x17"-22"
Package Included 1 X Massage table, 1 x Swivel Stool, 1 x Install Instruction

CIUTANG Facial Table Tattoo Chair Massage Bed for Beauty Spa Sal

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