Home Kitchen , Furniture,Metal,Industrial,R,186円,/heptapetalous1952689.html,Bookshelves,,Wood,Bookcase,,Nakey,and,Display,benchmarkfishing.com Nakey Bookcase Industrial Metal and Wood R 当店一番人気 Display Bookshelves 186円 Nakey Bookcase, Industrial Metal and Wood Bookshelves, Display R Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,Metal,Industrial,R,186円,/heptapetalous1952689.html,Bookshelves,,Wood,Bookcase,,Nakey,and,Display,benchmarkfishing.com Nakey Bookcase Industrial Metal and Wood R 当店一番人気 Display Bookshelves 186円 Nakey Bookcase, Industrial Metal and Wood Bookshelves, Display R Home Kitchen Furniture

Nakey Bookcase Industrial Metal and Wood R 当店一番人気 発売モデル Display Bookshelves

Nakey Bookcase, Industrial Metal and Wood Bookshelves, Display R


Nakey Bookcase, Industrial Metal and Wood Bookshelves, Display R

Product description

Size:2 pack

★Our products are all in US warehouse, we usually send the goods off on the second day you order, they will arrive within a week!!!

Why is this sturdy rustic stand storage shelves your must-be choice?

HEART-WARMING DESIGN-Simple Modern Style with Warm Feeling; Easy Installation Steps, it is the first choice for urban busy young people

STURDY AND DURABLE-Steel frame and composite wood shelves are built to hold multiple items for a strong, reliable organization solution

HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONDESIGN- we work to follow environmental ideals so that every link in the chain conforms to international environmental standards.

2 YEARS GUARANTEE- We promise 30 days Money-Back Guarantee, Worry-Free 24Month Quality Warranty and friendly customer service for our products .

Color: Brown

Material: Wooden, Steel Frame

Dimension: 80.3 x 30 x 180cm/31.6 x 11.8 x 70.9 inch

Wood Plank Dimension: 26 x 80cm/10.2 x 31.5inch

Each Layer Height: 34cm/13.4inch

Application: Books, toys, artworks and fabric drawers, etc.

Nakey Bookcase, Industrial Metal and Wood Bookshelves, Display R

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