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I LUV LTD 日時指定 Pewter Christening Quaich Handles 休み Cel with Cross Style

I LUV LTD Pewter Christening Quaich with Cross Style Handles Cel


I LUV LTD Pewter Christening Quaich with Cross Style Handles Cel

Product description

Wonderful, handmade, from high quality British Pewter in our Sheffield Factory.

Makes a Fantastic gift for any occasion, Christenings, Weddings, as Trophies, 18th Birthdays, 21st Birthdays, and many more.

Comes in a Black Cardboard presentation box.

Made by World renowned pewter manufacturers from lead-free pewter.

Item may be able to be engraved, enquire with us to find out the cost and possibility of engraving.

I LUV LTD Pewter Christening Quaich with Cross Style Handles Cel

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