Solenoid Valve AW55-51SN 今季も再入荷 AW55-50SN S Transmission Control Shift 85円 Solenoid Valve, AW55-51SN AW55-50SN Transmission Shift Control S Automotive Replacement Parts AW55-50SN,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,85円,/hyoidan1568973.html,Valve,,AW55-51SN,S,Control,Solenoid,Shift,Transmission Solenoid Valve AW55-51SN 今季も再入荷 AW55-50SN S Transmission Control Shift AW55-50SN,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,85円,/hyoidan1568973.html,Valve,,AW55-51SN,S,Control,Solenoid,Shift,Transmission 85円 Solenoid Valve, AW55-51SN AW55-50SN Transmission Shift Control S Automotive Replacement Parts

Solenoid Valve AW55-51SN 今季も再入荷 AW55-50SN S Transmission 感謝価格 Control Shift

Solenoid Valve, AW55-51SN AW55-50SN Transmission Shift Control S


Solenoid Valve, AW55-51SN AW55-50SN Transmission Shift Control S

Product description

Manufacturer Part Number: AW55-51SN, AW55-50SN
Material: Aluminum + ABS
Package Weight: 851g/30.0oz
For Chevrolet:
For Equinox V6 3.4L 05-09
For Nissan:
For Altima V6 3.5L 05-06
For Maxima V6 3.5L 04-06
For Quest V6 3.5L 04-08
For Pontiac:
For Torrent V6 3.4L 06-10
For Saablt;brgt;:
9-3 L4 2.0L 04-11
9-5 L4 2.3L; V6 3.0L 02-09
For Saturn:
For Ion Sedan L4 2.2L 03-04
For Vue V6 3.0L 02-06
For Suzuki:
For XL-7 V6 3.6L 2007-08
For :
For C30 L5 2.5L 2008-11
For C70 L5 2.3L 2.4L 2001-04
For C70 L5 2.5L 2005-11
For Cross Country L5 2.4L 2002
For S40 L4 1.9L 2001-04
For S40 L5 2.4L 2.5L 2005-11
For S40 L5 2.5L 2005-11
For S40 L5 2.5L (Diesel) 2008
For S60 L5 2.3L 2.4L 2001-06
For S60 L5 2.4L 2.5L 2003-09
For S60 L5 2.5L 2003-09
For S70 L5 2.4L 2000
For S70 L5 2.4L 2000
For S80 L5 2.5L 2004-06
For S80 L5 2.5L 2004-06
For V40 L4 1.9L 2001-04
For V50 L5 2.4L 2.5L 2005-11
For V50 L5 2.5L 2005-11
For V70 L5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L 2000-07
For V70 L5 2.3L 2.4L 2.5L 2000-05
For XC70 L5 2.5L 2003-07
For XC90 L5 2.5L 2003-06
For XC90 L5 2.5L 2003-06
All parts listed are in this kit.
For SLU Linear Solenoid
For SLT Linear Solenoid
For SLS Linear Solenoid

Package List:
8 * Transmission Solenoid

Solenoid Valve, AW55-51SN AW55-50SN Transmission Shift Control S

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